My blog is about whatever interests me on any particular day and what I think you the reader may be interested in hearing about.

I am a big fan of motor biking and also keeping up with the racing.

I also love gardening and cooking and hold the title of being a nanny which I enjoy immensely and enjoy writing about.

I have worked as a Manager previously in my career and have quite a lot of knowledge in this area (Case Progression Manager at a Magistrates Court) I am also interested in writing about Health and Safety, boring to some, but hey someone has to enjoy writing about it!

I love to receive comments, so feel free to add your comments about any posts that I write about.

Lets say in a nutshell I know ‘a lot about a lot’ and when I feel like writing I write about what I know and hope that I can get you the readers attention.

I do also have a sense of humor which does tend to come out in my style of writing.

I also write for hubpages and you can find my hubs at

chinwagwithme came about because I wanted to write about more specific things and I needed a website to be able to do this.




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